November 18 Dr. Foley's Notes

November 18 Dr. Foley's Notes - Notes in this font were...

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Notes in this font were spoken out load but not written on board Dr. Foley’s Notes Composite Materials- two or more materials joined to give a combination of properties that can't be obtained from the original material Generally, speak of a matrix with a continuous phase. Usually looking to give ductility and toughness. Then there is a reinforcing phase that gives strength and wear resistance. The interface between the materials has an effect on properties. For example fiberglass- take the glass fibers that are strong and stiff then put a polymer around the bundles. If you don't completely connect the fibers with the plastic, the properties change The strength of the interface also have an effect. Some of the properties of the composites depend on the relative amounts of the relative amounts of the two constituents. Rule of Mixtures: 1.First approximation, doesn't always work well but it's a good way to start estimating the properties you will get. So it can be used to predict the properties as a first guess a. Composite property=∑ (reinforcing phase * Reinforcing component property) + (fraction of the matrix * matrix phase property) 1.Can be used to calculate something like the density of fiberglass a. Density= (fraction of glass*density of glass)+(fraction of epoxy*density of epoxy) Classification 1.Matrix: a. Metal matrix b. Polymer Matrix c. Ceramic Matrix 1.Reinforcing Phase Morphology/ Architecture a. Dispersion Strengthened i. Reinforcing phase is very small
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November 18 Dr. Foley's Notes - Notes in this font were...

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