8192 - Review Types of Materials 1 Metals 2 Ceramics 3...

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Review: Types of Materials 1. Metals 2. Ceramics 3. Polymers 4. Semi-Conductors 5. Composties Levels of Structure 1. Level 1- Atomic structures 2. Level 2- Arrangement of atoms in space 3. Level 3- Microstrucre or grain structure. 1. Level 3 Continued a. Most materials are multigrain. b. At the beginning of processing you usually start with a molten state. Processing can change the numbers of grain. c. In METALS if you have smaller grains it means you have a stronger material (more ductile). d. Semiconductors- a grain boundry gives you a lot of trouble. They have a negative effect on performance so it is better to use a single crystal. 2. Level 4 a. Looks are the phases of the material. Usually have multiphase strucute. A phase is the portion in a material that has a specific crystal structure and composition. b. Some materials are multiphase and some are single phase. c. We care because it can make the task of processing and use simpler. i. Single Phase Material analogy- 1. Peanut butter cookie made with creamy peanut butter
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ii. Multiphase Material analogy- 1. A chocolate chip cookie (2 phases) 2. A chocolate chip cookie with nuts (3 phases) d. Control of the size and distribution of phases affect the material behavior. i.
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8192 - Review Types of Materials 1 Metals 2 Ceramics 3...

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