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SUMMARY Globalization is the ongoing process that deepens and broadens the relationship and interdependence among countries Very few people know that the credit of film industry creation goes to the French in 1894. The Indian film industry has been divided into four generations. They are (a)1920-1950:The early days of Indian cinema, (b)1950-1960:a golden age of Indian cinema, (c)1970-1980:The Angry young man Awakens and (d)1990-2000:Bollywood Gains global Popularity. It is said that there are two film producing giants in the world-one in United State and another one is India. Indian film industry has an annual growth rate of 12.6% where Hollywood has 5.6%.Indian film industry becoming an international commodity. the film making process normally starts with an idea. There are such some steps to make a film. The process they have adopted are preproduction, production, postproduction, reproduction. In preproduction movie is planned and designed, production where movie is actually created and shot,the film is assembled by the film editor under post production and after that comes preproduction. When we talk about Indian film industries, the current scenario is very different from past due to change in technology. Today Indian film industry is playing an important role in Indian economy. One of the finest examples is Krrish of globalization where the breath-taking action sequences were of international standards. Followed by simple strategy that is world as one market. Audience of movie is 30 million people who are NRI in 156 different countries. Movie gives the best in every sector like- Action Director, Background Music, Sound effect, shooting in Himalayas and Singapore. Globalization open the gate into enter the business of global market and makes movie with the foreign technology and people and gain good experience. Rakesh Roshan has decided to opt for live actions rather than -animated action. Singapore is less expensive when compared to other countries. Singapore government is ready to give the full permission and support regarding the shooting of a movie. Singapore infrastructures are very good compared to India. India is rich in natural heritage such as Himalayas and also for given. .
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Rakesh Roshan went to the foreign action directors for picturing the action scenes. As a final point he chose Tony Ching Siu Tung as an action director. Tony and his team were 20 times much more costly than the most expensive Indian action directors. Tony also had to train Hrithik Roshan for the action scenes. Again Rakesh took an expensive decision by performing the action scenes lively instead of CG animation. After selecting the action team Rakesh focused to a highly special effects team. He hired Craig Mumma and Marc Kolbe from Los Angeles for the special effect in “Krish”. Lastly he had to make decision for selecting the location. Rakesh had some options for location like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore or Japan. They all might have fitted for “Krish”. At last
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KRRISH_FINAL - SUMMARY Globalization is the ongoing process...

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