raihana - and disability insurances • At the same time...

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GOOGLE Rank: 4 (Previous rank: 4) What makes it so great? The search giant is famous for its laundry list of perks including free food at any of its cafeterias, a climbing wall, and, well, free laundry. Last year, with revenue up more than 20%, Google sweetened this already rich pot of perks by giving every employee a 10% pay hike. Googlers can also award one another $175 peer spot bonuses -- last year more than two-thirds of them did so. Headquarters: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 2009 revenue ($ millions): 23,651 Compensation Programme: Google provides a competitive compensation package which comprises of salary, yearly bonuses and equity grants. Furthermore, any Googl can nominate for a cash peer bonus and receive additional bonuses through Google employee referral programmed. Google offers many benefits which provide reassurance for the future such as life
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Unformatted text preview: and disability insurances. • At the same time they also ensure that googlers have direct and free access to a confidential employee assistance service for help with personal , financial and legal matter. • They also give their employee learning and development opportunities. • Time away from office. • Supporting the employee’s family. • Giving the medical facilities within the organization so that they don’t need to go outside. • Friendly atmosphere for working. • They have paid time of system which includes vacation pay, sick pay. • They get family and medical leave which helps them a lot. • Most importantly they have a mutual respectful environment which has reduces the turnover rate and increases the working concentration....
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raihana - and disability insurances • At the same time...

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