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Service Encounter Journal 2 - Service Encounter Your Name M...

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Service Encounter Journal Entry: 2 Your Name: M Mueedul Islam Avg. Price Paid for Service: $ 7 Name of the Firm: Nokia care centre Singapore Type of Service (Industry): Mobile Date of Encounter: 04/02/2011 Time Encounter Occurred: 01:00 pm What specific circumstances led to this encounter? Last time when we came to Singapore we purchased a Nokia cell phone. For some reason it stopped working, but it had a warranty so at that time when we visited Singapore I took it to the Nokia care centre. I was under time constrain, so I wanted a quick solution. Exactly what did the firm/employee say or do? First we had to take a number and wait for our number to be called. IT was somewhat a long wait, especially because I had time constrain. Finally they called my number. I only took the cell phone forgot to bring the warranty card. But when I got to the counter they only asked for the cell phone. They used the bar code reader to read the bar code under the battery. Then she asked me what was wrong with I, I told her the problem, it’s their standard procedure to repair and give
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