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2. What steps might Shell have taken to nip some of the protest against it or even preempt them? Ans: Royal Dutch/ Shell if they would have just operated their business responsibly and ethically. Even after all the protest begun they had many opportunities to stop the protest. They should have taken some steps to meet the protesters demand, the demand of the protesters were: Cleaning up of oil spills. Reduction of gas flaring.(Information obtained from online sources) Paying fair compensation for lost land, income, resources, life. Providing a fair share of profits gained from oil drilled to the locals. Helping to build infrastructure of local area and employing more locals. Should have used their influence in the militant Nigerian government to prevent the hanging of Saro-Wiwa and his associates. The Shell Police and the Rivers State Internal Security Task Force should have been dissolved. (Information obtained from online sources) Cleaning up of oil spills : Although Shell drills oil in 28 countries, 40% of its oil spills worldwide have occurred in the Niger Delta. In the Niger Delta, there were 2,976 oil spills between 1976 and 1991. In the 1970s spillage totaled more than four times that of the 1989 Exxon Valdez tragedy12. Ogoni land has had severe problems stemming from oil spillage, including water contamination and loss of many valuable animals and plants. A short-lived World Bank investigation found levels of hydrocarbon pollution in water in Ogoni land more than sixty times US limits and a 1997 Project Underground survey found petroleum hydrocarbons one Ogoni village's water source to be 360 times the levels allowed in the European Community, where Shell originates. Since the oil have leaked for the drills of Shell it is obviously their duty to clean up the spill, moreover international laws Cleary not only obligates Shell to clean up the spills but also to pay the locals compensation for the loss of their livelihood. So cleaning up the spills would have made Shell look at least a little bit responsible in the eyes of the protesters.
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Reduction of gas flaring: Ken Saro-Wiwa called gas flaring "the most notorious action" of the Shell and Chevron oil companies In Ogoni land, 95% of extracted natural gas is flared (compared with 0.6% in the United States). It is estimated that the between the CO 2 and methane released by gas flaring, Nigerian oil fields are responsible for more global warming effects than the combined oil fields of the rest of the world. This flaring causes acid rains, which is responsible for the destruction of local agriculture and environment. Shell should have bought it down to the international legal limit which is around 0.6%. Paying fair compensation for lost land, income, resources, life:
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shell - 2. What steps might Shell have taken to nip some of...

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