GUIDELINES - (Avoid using "the author says. ..,"...

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GUIDELINES: 1. Word Limit: 1500 words max. 2. Format: MS Word, Font Arial 12, 1.5 Spacing 3. Due: Monday, 11 th April 2011 HOW TO SUMMARIZE A JOURNAL ARTICLE 1. Read the article. 2. Re-read the article. Underline important ideas. Circle key terms. Find the main point of the article. Divide the article into sections or stages of thought, and label each section or stage of thought in the margins. 3. Write brief summaries of each stage of thought or if appropriate each paragraph. Use a separate piece of paper for this step. This should be a brief outline of the article. 4. Write the main point of the article. Use your own words. This should be a sentence that expresses the central idea of the article as you have determined it from the steps above. 5. Write your rough draft of the summary. Combine the information from the first four steps into paragraphs. 6. Edit your version. Be concise. Eliminate needless words and repetitions.
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Unformatted text preview: (Avoid using "the author says. ..," "the author argues. ..," etc.) 7. Compare your version to the original. 8. In the summary, you should include only the information your readers need. I. State the main point first. II. Use a lower level of technicality than the authors of the original article use. Do not write a summary your readers cannot understand. III. Make the summary clear and understandable to someone who has not read the original article. Your summary should stand on its own. IV. Write a summary rather than a table of contents. V. Add no new data and none of your own ideas. VI. Use a simple organization: a. Brief Introduction b. main point c. main results: give the main results d. conclusions/recommendations VII. Unless the examples in the article are essential, do not include the examples in your summary. If you include them, remember to explain them....
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GUIDELINES - (Avoid using "the author says. ..,"...

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