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Unformatted text preview: Homework - January 26, 2011 1. Describe the seven segments of the general environment. (100-500 words) 2. Identify the five forces that underlie the five forces model of competition. Explain briefly how they affect industry profit potential. (200-500 words) 3. Describe the factors that raise the competitive nature of an industry’s rivalry. (150-500 words) 4. What are high exit barriers and how do they affect the competition within an industry? (150-500 words) 5. What is a firm’s strategic group? What effect does the strategic group have on the firm? (150-500 words) 6. What do firms need to know about their competitors? What legal and ethical intelligence gathering techniques can be used to obtain this information? (150-500 words) Case Scenario 2: B.B. Mangler. B.B. Mangler is a top U.S. business-to-business distributor of maintenance, repair, and service equipment, components, and supplies such as compressors, motors, signs, lighting and welding equipment, and hand and power tools. Its industry is typically referred to as MRO, which is an acronym for maintenance, repair, and supplies. MRO tools....
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