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Alternative Funding - relief services...

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Running head: ALTERNATIVE FUNDING 1 Alternative Funding Mary Avera HSM/270 June 24, 2011 Robin Devonish
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ALTERNATIVE FUNDING 2 Alternative Funding There are a lot of researches I can do for nontraditional ways of funding the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. There are alternative funding for grants other than using government funding, although government grants would be secure and more funding. The agency can use smaller organizations to fund the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. We could hold different types of fundraisers. Having the volunteers help with gathering up ways to do a bake sale, carwash, or even types of yard sales of things people want to donate for the cause. These different types of fundraising can help us with completing our goal for our budget. Other types of funding can come from private sectors such as churches like Christian
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Unformatted text preview: relief services http://www.christianrelief.org/Domestic-Relief-and-Self-Help-Programs/ in which find causes like domestic violence to raise money for the program out there. People donate to the Christian relief and then they take that money to donate to programs like PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. They call it “Americans helping Americans.” We as an agency have to propose to these different places that the domestic violence is very critical issue that so many women, young men, and children need help for. When approached to the community the awareness of such a problem they sometimes help depending on the severity of the problem in which case, our Domestic Violence agency is a critical situation that many people should be aware of. There are many different types of alternate funding if you research properly....
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Alternative Funding - relief services...

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