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THE NEED FOR FOOD SAFETY TRAINING AND CERTIFICAITON Contaminated Food is on the Rise Eating habits have changed Cooking, holding and handling food improperly Contaminated Equipment Poor personal hygiene High Susceptible Population (HSPs) Pregnant women The very Young The Elderly The chronically ill Those with immune problems People who use prescription antacid medication Food sources are now global which make it harder to ensure the safety of these sources. New Illness-causing microorganisms referred to as PATHOGENS continue to emerge, and are increasingly found on foods that were once considered “safe”. Increased handling, processing and distribution procedures have created more opportunities for food CONTAMINATION. 3 Million reported cases of illness a year in this country that are caused by contaminated foods. Many more people, estimated at approximately 76 million a year, become ill. These people do not report their illness to their doctor or a local health department, because they think they just have an upset stomach. About 5000 people die every year, and many of these deaths could have been prevented if the foods they are had been handled safely. Food Safety is determined by four factors: The reliability of your food sources The handling and protection of the food served The health and hygiene of food workers The condition of the facility itself Quiz Q. The number of illness caused by contaminated food is on the rise because A. Consumers are eating more processed foods.
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Q. Food contamination refers to the: A. Presence of harmful substances in food that can cause injury or illness to a person who ingest them. Q. Illnesses caused by contaminated foods cost food service establishments billions of dollars in terms of: A. Lost wages and lost business, Law suits and legal fees, Medical expenses and increased insurance costs. Q. Food safety in a food service operation is determined by: A. The handling and protection of the food serviced, the health and hygiene of the employees who serve the consumer, the condition of the facility. CERTIFIED FOOD MANAGER DESIGNATION
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