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Jazz music MUS100 - exemplary of any jazz neither is the...

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Example 1 reminds me of what you’d hear if you tuned into a modern jazz station. I think they refer to this style as “smooth jazz”. The guitar melody definitely has characteristic of jazz styles. Example 2 doesn’t strike me as jazz very much at all. The piano arpeggios aren’t cutting it for me Example 3, again, is one of those songs you can expect to hear on a station that plays “smooth jazz”. The congas and shakers give it the smooth feel, and the guitar solo makes it jazzy. Example 4, Songbird, was my parents’ wedding song. At first it just sounds like a slow dance, but as you get into the song, the style that Kenny plays in and the scale/melody he plays make it obviously jazz. Example 5, sounds more like classical to me than jazz in the beginning, until a little more than half way through the song when the drummer come in the background that gives it a jazz feel with the brush stick on the snare. But still I personally wouldn’t label it as jazz. IF example 6 is jazz, it sure isn’t typical jazz. I wouldn’t call it jazz at all. The drum rhythm isn’t anything
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Unformatted text preview: exemplary of any jazz, neither is the singing. Example 7 didn’t sound like jazz until the muted trumpet came in. I’d label this as another smooth jazz tune. Example 8 sounds like a blue’s-oriented progression. I’d definitely call this jazz. I like how it starts out slower and then speeds up, I also enjoyed the organ solo just after it speeds up. Example 9 was blatantly jazz when the piano syncopation on the higher octave started playing. The bouncy left-hand chords of the piano and the faint sound of congas make it also seem like it’s a jazz tune. I noticed how you didn’t give us any swing tunes that were 100% had to be jazz. You wanted us to listen and explain why we did or didn’t think it was jazz we heard. It was kind of hard explaining why each was or wasn’t jazz—most of the time I just wanted to say “it just is” or “it just isn’t”!...
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