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MGT435 Chicken and Egg Case

MGT435 Chicken and Egg Case - Joseph Arabbo MGT435...

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Joseph Arabbo MGT435 Professor Miree 7 October 2010 The Chicken and Egg: A Study of the Poultry Genetic Industry is an analysis of the situations and challenges faced by Matthew Law, president of Ullman international. Law dealt with many issues including conflicting views on European way of running the business, zero or negative growth in primary markets, threat of bird flu, and heightened pressure from animal rights movements. Although they are the same company, the two divisions conflicted in their views of company value and steps to achieve market dominance. The Europeans emphasized cost controls as the way to achieve profit and value. The Europeans were profit-driven in their business while Americans emphasized market dominance, customer-driven programs and employee development and satisfaction. The assumptions are made are that the two divisions of Ullman International cannot function properly without having coinciding missions and goals. Europeans went forward to completely take over the functional operations of the company
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The differences in the goals and means to achieve them were challenges to the operation and expansion of the company Law was concerned that since the Europeans and Americans were not on the same page. From the American perspective, cost controls were a daily responsibility for all departments, but they could not be allowed to compromise product quality or availability. Quality and availability were major priorities to the American division. Without availability, they are unable to sell and profit. Without quality, they sacrifice customer loyalty and credibility. In the poultry genetics industry, its not
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