MKT201 SALES SLO 12-13-10

MKT201 SALES SLO 12-13-10 - MKT201 SALES 4 Quarter Hours 40...

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MKT201 SALES 4 Quarter Hours/ 40 Quarter Hours Student Learning Outcomes The following is a personal collection of experience in the leasing and sales of apartments and multi-family affordable housing . 1. Examine the theory and role of personal selling . The theory and role of personal selling depends on developing a relationship with the potential buyer, but will always ultimately end with an attempt to "close the sale" . The relationship begins when the customer walks in the door . The greeting must be one which resembles old friends and make them feel welcomed and comfortable . Establishing such relationship is detrimental to being a good sales person . You must gather as much information from the customer as possible . This information usually pertains to what they’re looking for and why . To get this valuable information, you may ask, “What brings you in here” or “How soon are you looking to move in” and “How can we accommodate your interests” . These questions are open-ended and assert that you are genuinely trying to help the customer . The customer will give you their preferences and list of demands and accommodations . Your job then, must tailor your conversation to how the apartment or housing unconditionally meets their needs . A good salesperson will convey this information in terms of their customer’s interest genuinely and their customer will consider the option’s you’ve put forth .
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2. Infer and explain how social responsibility, ethical, and legal issues may impact selling\ There are many responsibilities that affect effective selling . Honesty is a big responsibility in selling . You must be honest with your customer. The customer is coming in to get information because without your information, they cannot make an educated decision on their living arrangements . You must be straight-forward with them. They are relying on the assumption you are honest and are caring in each of their situations
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MKT201 SALES SLO 12-13-10 - MKT201 SALES 4 Quarter Hours 40...

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