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MUS100 Discussion 1 - So with that being said I know this...

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Hey guys, My name is Joe Arabbo and I’m excited to be here, as its my last requirement to getting my Bachelors in Finance. I wanted to start out by pointing out that it’s interesting that some instruments we may not be familiar with, such as the duduk in the first recording, may sound as if they used to convey one particular emotion (in this case, sadness) we may not realize they have more than one use. In the recording we heard, it’s quite obvious the message being communicated to us, but this recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTiKXffF1dQ is also a duduk used in traditional Armenian/Kurdish/Turkish/Assyrian/Chaldean music. I lump all of these categories together because they all evolved together and they’re very similar, despite different vocal techniques and of course, the language. This particular recording is Kurdish. You might guess that the upbeat rhythm and the trills in the duduk, along with the melody of the chosen scale paint us a picture of happiness or dancing.
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Unformatted text preview: So with that being said; I know this stuff because I am a musician and wedding singer myself. I have a band that performs at Chaldean/Middle Eastern weddings, and have been involved in music since I was 6. I play piano by ear (memorizing melodies and playing them back as they were heard without reading notes), I learned to play the drums through elementary, middle, and high school. I am surrounded by music all of the time. Whether its upbeat techno music during workouts, Middle Eastern music during weddings, Top40 at the bar or club, classical music while cramming for exams, or whatever is on during my daily commute to work or school. As the lecture taught us, each composition or even instrument has a specific purpose or a message that the composer or musician wants us to get out of listening to it. This is why music has such affect on people and why they listen to specific songs at specifics times— working out, studying, break up etc. Thanks for reading...
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MUS100 Discussion 1 - So with that being said I know this...

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