mus100 final exam

mus100 final exam - use the metaphor of food German food =...

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Sherburn-fa sol la Fuging Singing school, shape note system --- Ravi Shankar, performer /Bhimpalasi Sitar p. 156 rhythm and melody haprischord fugue in c minor johann Sebastian bach polyphnoc texture secular starts off with piano, 2/4 Preludes for Piano, no. 1 George Gershwin Jazz latin classical Syncopated p. 295
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Haydn /”Emperor” String Quartet, mvt. II Theme and variations form Aristocratic B.B. King, performer/ Stormy Mondayelectric guitar in the beginning Gospel 12 bar choruses p.54 Debussy/ La Mer, mvt. II String pad, flutes, crescendo p. 277 timbre However, in Paris, there is a much lighter, airier style developing: Impressionism . Leaving behind the tormented, brass and percussion-heavy sounds and programs of late Romanticism, French composers like Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel focus instead on washes of color, or timbre, and (try to) set poems by Symbolist poets that only hint or suggest images/stories. One might
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Unformatted text preview: use the metaphor of food: German food = heavy (wiener schnitzel and rich pastry); French food = light (fresh salad with a vinaigrette and a croissant). Ok, don't take that metaphor too far! But you hopefully get the contrast. ..I've included a short video on Debussy; listen to the example from his piece "La Mer" (The Sea) in the textbook [example 69].--Stravinsky/ Rite of Spring Term: polytonality Russian Folk music--Opera Piano Schubert /”An Sylvia” Genre: art song (lied) strophic---Louis Armstrong, band leader/ Hotter than that Trumpets in the beginning Break-end of phrase Scat singing Flute and winds, nature piece Copland/ Billy the Kid American music Ballet Chopin/ Prelude Op.28, no. 6 Starts off piano minor, soft piano Rubato Emotional Accordion in the beginning Clifton Chenier/ Tu le ton son ton Blues Accordion...
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mus100 final exam - use the metaphor of food German food =...

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