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test into 480 - • For example I will not ask you what...

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FIN 480 contain multiple choice, short answer, and calculation problems. You should do the valuation exercise and the cases we have discussed in the class compute the cost of capital, cost of equity, cash flows, valuation using comparables and multiples, and other calculations that we did in those exercises. Chapter 14 from the textbook is about valuation and you should do that as well. From other Chapters (1 through 6), I will ask conceptual questions. The questions I ask from the textbook will be based on understanding the material, not memorizing the definition. I will also not ask any question about real life examples given in the textbook.
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Unformatted text preview: • For example, I will not ask you what happened in the INCO versus ESB case on page 81 of the textbook. Similarly, I will not ask you to memorize various acts, sections, and the SEC filings (for example, Schedule 13D on page 77 of the book) given in Chapter 3 of the textbook. • Questions will be related to M&A activity in the US only. • There may be questions on international M&A as part of the strategy for US firms. • I will also not expect you to remember all the academic papers described • in the textbook. Therefore, I will not ask what did Eckbo find in his study (page 161 of the text). •...
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