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imagery - exactly what was going on in the story this way...

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David R. Patrick English 1102 Professor Bickley November 14, 2010 Imagery For me the story that we have read that gave me the most imagery for the semester was Poe’s “Tale Tale Heart.” From the beginning of the story to the end I as I am reading I can see exactly what is going on in the plot. From the old man’s cataract encased eye to the look on the caretakers face as he is sitting there staring at the old man waiting on him to sleep. I believe that this was Poe’s intentions when he was writing the story. As he was writing he envisioned
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Unformatted text preview: exactly what was going on in the story, this way he knew exactly what the readers reaction to the story would be. This makes for a very effective writing style. As you read you envision the caretaker spying on the old man, and you can almost feel how the old man feels when he is sitting in the bed right before he is killed. You can feel the nervousness that the caretaker feels as the police are searching the house. As the heart starts to beat louder and louder it is almost like you can hear it beating in your ears....
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