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David R. Patrick ENGL 1102 Prof. Bickley September 5, 2010 POV 1 This journal entry is going to be over third person omniscience point of view. Third person is arguably the best of the three persons to use but having omniscience, or all knowing, narrator would quickly become a real pain to read. Any writing with a completely omniscience narrator would be choppy and incoherent. The narrator would have to be more concerned about telling the reader about what each individual in the story was thinking, and about actually being able to tell the story. This would be a typical sentence in this particular style of writing “Hey
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Unformatted text preview: David, “David thinks I really don’t want to be talking to you but I will by nice” David says hey, Sasha thinks “David looks annoyed by me being here talking to him” How are you David” and so on and so forth. Reading any story in this dialogue would become tedious very quickly and make most readers become uninterested in the rest of the story. There are many different ways to write stories, but writing a story in this particular point of view would not be very effective due to the tediousness of having to know every thought of every character....
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