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pov2 - other information that you do not need Writing in...

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David R Patrick ENGL 1102 Prof. Bickley September 12, 2010 POV 2 In my last journal entry I profiled the third person omniscience point of view, in this journal entry I am going to profile the third person limited omniscience point of view. This is the point of view that a majority of the stories or novels are written in that we read. This is much easier to read and understand than having total omniscience due to the fact that you only know some of the thought of some of the characters and not all of the characters. With this style of writing you only get to obtain the information that is relevant to the story and not any of the
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Unformatted text preview: other information that you do not need. Writing in this style is easier because most writers want the reader to know part of what is going on in the story but they do not want the reader to have too much information so that the story is still suspenseful. Who would want to read a story where you knew exactly how the story ended in the first two paragraphs? No one would, we would all read the first two paragraphs and be done with it....
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