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David R. Patrick Introductory Sociology (SOCI 1101) Charon and Vigilant Reader (CVR) Reading Questions “The American Dream” by McNamee and Miller (CVR #35) 1. What are the four tenets of the American Dream according to Hochschild? Who? How? What, Why 2. How are broad cultural ideologies used in a society? They include guidelines for behavior. They involve social cues depending on one’s position in the hierarchy of social society. 3. How is religion (especially Protestant sects) connected to the American Dream? When Martin Luther started the Protestant religion he focused on the individual. The American dream although shared by many can only be obtained by each individual. 4. What was the “internal economic contradiction” of the hard work/no play twin ethic?
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Unformatted text preview: How was this contradiction addressed? What happened? The problem is when everyone works hard enough to succeed we produce more than the minimum to live. One side had to give. We consumed more so that the production curve would equal out. 5. How did home ownership and college costs contribute to the “Downsizing of the American Dream”? The American Dream is to own a home have a good job and provide your kids with an education. Home ownership has increased but so has the price of owning a home. The cost of college has also drastically increased in the last couple of decades making it harder to afford both house payments and college tuition. One of the two must sacrifice and due to the sacrifice the American Dream has downsized....
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