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Reading Questions 13 - corporations and the workers in...

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David R. Patrick Introductory Sociology (SOCI 1101) Charon and Vigilant Reader (CVR) Reading Questions (Week 11) “The New American Class Structure” by Purrucci and Wysong (reading #18) What do the authors say a person’s occupation or job describes? An occupation or job describes how a person is related to the economy in a society or what one does in the process of the production of goods and services. They provide people with the means to sustain life, and the sum total of the work done by people in their occupation or jobs is the wealth generated by the economic system. What are the four groups in the “New Working Class”? The “New Working Class” actually consists of five groups. They are: Those who own capital and business. Those who possess credentialed knowledge, which provides a protected place in the labor market. The self-employed, small-business owners who operate as solo entrepreneurs with limited capital. Those who control
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Unformatted text preview: corporations and the workers in those corporations. Those with varying skills who have little to offer in the labor market but their capacity to work. Explain the three “rules” that create a class structure that is permanent across generations? The first rule is: our legal system gives corporations the right to close down a plant and move the operation overseas, but it does not give workers a right to their jobs. The second rule is: people in privileged classes have unrestricted opportunities to accumulate wealth. The third rule is: the so-called equality of opportunity in America is supposed to be provided by its system of public education. How is this “new American class structure” different from previous versions of social classes in America? Most class structures are temporary and ever changing. The new American class structure is different in the sense that it has created more levels of social class based on income....
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Reading Questions 13 - corporations and the workers in...

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