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Reading Questions CVR 6 (Jenkins), 7 (Dunphy)0 - 1. What...

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Introductory Sociology (SOCI 110) Charon and Vigilant Reader (CVR) Reading Questions “Social Identity” by Richard Jenkins (CVR #6) 1. How are ‘identity’ and ‘social identity’ different? How are they similar? 2. How is identity “worked on?” What does this mean? 3. How does social identity make social life possible? “The Importance of Primary Groups” by Dexter C. Dunphy (CVR #7)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What are the characteristics of a primary group? 2. What are some examples of primary groups? 3. How is primary group membership important for being a part of the larger society? 4. Thinking question: How might modern technology affect primary group relationships?...
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