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Week 3 Day 7 - muscular strength I can improve my muscular...

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On your results page locate the heading Improve your score. Click on Aerobic Fitness Interpret and Improve. Based on the information provided, how can you improve your aerobic fitness? I can improve my aerobic fitness by regular participation in moderate to vigorous physical activity that will improve and maintain my aerobic fitness Click on Muscular Health Interpret and Improve. What suggestion is provided to improve your
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Unformatted text preview: muscular strength? I can improve my muscular strength by repeating the same exercise more often, or by working against a heavier load and keeping the number of repetitions the same. Click on Flexibility Interpret and Improve. What can you do to improve your flexibility based on the recommendations listed? To improve my flexibility I can plan a program of stretching exercises that involves most of my joints....
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