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After reviewing all of the categories I fell that I best identify with the social and enterprising categories. I feel that I can still pursue my long-term goal as being an attorney because one of the careers with the enterprising category was lawyer. In this category it says that these are people who think of themselves as assertive, risk taking, and persuasive. That describes me in almost every aspect. The other category that I chose was social. These are people who are kind, caring, and
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Unformatted text preview: helpful. I like to think that I am all of those things. I honestly do not think that I could be a good lawyer if I was not kind and caring. Being helpful is just an added bonus to me in that field of work. Lawyer was not one of the jobs listed under the social category it had things listed like a teacher, social worker, and guidance counselor but I can see a lawyer fitting into that category. Lydia Bevins [email protected] (606)639-9605...
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  • Spring '11
  • Kalayeh
  • Regulatory Focus Theory, Category, Lydia Bevins, Lydia Bevins ladawnah, enterprising category, enterprising categories

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