Ex4_20 - Displacement(m npts =(tf-t0/dt 1 for i = 1:npts...

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% This program calculate forced response of an underdamped system % under general periodic excitation. global tau F; g tau = 2; F = 1; F t0 = 0; tf = 5*tau; dt = 0.1; tspan = [t0: dt: tf]; x0 = [0.0; 0.0]; [t, x] = ode45('dfunc4_20', tspan, x0, []); disp('Time (sec) Force (N)
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Unformatted text preview: Displacement (m)') npts = (tf-t0)/dt+1; for i = 1:npts time = mod(t(i),tau); f(i,1) = time/tau*F; end disp([t f(:,1) x(:,1)]) d plot(t, f(:,1), '--'); hold on; plot(t, x(:, 1)); xlabel('t'); ylabel('f & x(1)'); title('Forcing function and displacement');...
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