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Group Presentation Guidelines and Tips PSY 370 Personality Psychology Spring 2011 Goal The goal of the group presentations is to go into further detail on a topic than what we typically have time to cover in lecture. The focus of presentations will be in 1 of 4 domains of personality psychology that we will discuss over the semester. Presentations also serve as a review of topic material before each quiz. Groups can choose to incorporate questions for the class that I may put on quizzes at my discretion. Any member of the group may meet with me during office hours to discuss potential topics and ideas for presentations. Details Groups of 4-5 will be assigned to present on 1 of the 4 personality domain topics. The last page of the syllabus contains instructions for ranking your topic preference. The date of your group’s presentation will match with the topic indicated on the syllabus (i.e., Intrapsychic is first to present, followed by Cognitive, etc.). Two groups will present on each domain for a total of 8
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Group_Presentation_Guidelines_and_Tips - Group Presentation...

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