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1.What was the Morrill Act, and what was the motivation for passing it during the Civil War? The Morrill Act of 1862, was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln. Provided 30,000 acres of Federal land for each member of the Congressional delegation. The land then sold and profits to go to public colleges that specialize in military tactics, engineering and agriculture. A total of 69 colleges were started with this money including MIT. With the exception of no mineral land be used. I believe that since from the time that the land is sold, the monies must be invested in Stocks of the US or States and the money will create a perpetual fund, the capital is never to be touched. To allow for present and future secondary education. The reason that this was rushed through was to pass during the Civil War, Justin Smith Morrill was convinced that the US was falling behind Europe in education and argriculte.
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Unformatted text preview: He first presented this Act in 1857, congress passed. President Buchannan vetoed this. By 1862 the stipulation was added in for colleges to also teach military tactics, then with change of Presidents also it passed. 2. What kinds of institutions did this legislation propose funding for? Military tactics, Agriculture and Engineering. 3. Read the text of this document. What do you believe is the greatest legacy of this act? Are effects of this act still seen in the present day? I believe that the greatest legacy of the Morrill Act would have to be the 69 schools that it helped to create. The money that I assume is still in stocks or bonds of the US. The effects are still seen today, by the principal. Today each state has at least 1 school that was funded by money from the Morrill Act....
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