final - 1 This legislation was passed before the bombing of...

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1. This legislation was passed before the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, which marked the United States's entry into World War II. What effect did the Act have on war production in the United States? How might things have been different if this Act had not been passed? When this act passed it allowed for many things to happen, positively for the United States. With our support to other countries, who were already involved in the war, supplying them with different types of war material. The impact on England was the most significant, with our support they were able to continue their fight against Germany. The depression that was going on before the bombing of the Pearl Harbor, encouraged factories to re-open and to create war materials for our allies. We were not selling these materials (bombs, bullets, machinery, etc. ..) at cost, we were making a nice profit on this, although we would not be repaid until after the war was over. The major companies and farmers that were involved with this, had a total impact on the United States economy. Things would have been quite different if the land-lease act had not passed. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States was already geared up with production for defense and war materials, so instead of selling these to our allies, we were able to throw things into high gear for our own use in World War II. 3 days after the bombing, Germany and Italy declared war against the United States as well. 2. How did the passage of this act aid the war effort in other countries, especially Great Britain? Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we were able to fully supply Great Britain with various war
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final - 1 This legislation was passed before the bombing of...

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