MaryFisher - Mary Fisher's speech"A Whisper of AIDS...

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Mary Fisher's speech “A Whisper of AIDS” Analysis by Lori Schmidt In 1992, HIV/AIDS was a taboo topic. Many Americans (worldwide too) believed that HIV/AIDS was only something that gay men, HIV drug users and blacks contracted. There was no education to be found or heard of about how HIV/AIDS was contracted, the general thought was that this could be 'caught' through blood, kissing, and some even thought touching. I cannot express enough on how there was a secret, something that just no one wanted to talk about. The way that people were treated if they 'came out' and told people that they had HIV was like someone saying that they had Leprosy. They were shunned, families disowned them, friends would loose contract, and they were close to being exiled. The opening of Mary Fisher's speech was quite touching. Pictures, the slide show was well done, and very moving, showing pictures of President Gerald Ford, Mary Fisher and her children, was a wonderful opening. It was impactful, as it showed a softer side of HIV/AIDS. This captures the audience's attention as they are drawn to the music and pictures and opened up to listening to what she had to say. Mary Fisher brought up many aspects of discussing HIV/AIDS with the audience. First and foremost she wanted to lift HIV/AIDS into the public's eye. To break the barrier and stigma that HIV/AIDS is not something only for gay men, blacks and IV drug users. To show that women, (white women) do get HIV, and not because she was a hemophiliac. AIDS was something that she contracted in marriage. She quoted statistics and the rate that people were
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MaryFisher - Mary Fisher's speech"A Whisper of AIDS...

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