chapter 10 bb

chapter 10 bb -...

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Unformatted text preview: _of_virtual_machines?taxonomyId=210&pageNumber=2 Dell's new servers I chose a topic this week about the new Dell servers that are going to be hitting the market soon. This whole topic is new to me, the idea of virtual computers/machines, and servers with so much of everything being held in the cloud setting. There will also be 10 new data service centers being built within the next 24 months to support all these new servers that are coming onto the market. They will be spending $1 billion dollars on these new service centers. From my understanding, these virtual machines are going to come pre-loaded/bundled with the software or configured how the company wants them configured. I do not have any experience with virtual computers. Therefore, learning about them has been a lot of fun. We have one laptop in that is outdated. That our son has talked to us about using it as a virtual machine, We have one laptop in that is outdated....
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chapter 10 bb -...

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