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http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/01/skype-opens-a-conference-call-service/ I have chosen to do my week’s article on Skype’s ‘new’ conference calling; I searched hard to find this article. I read the article and like I always do, I read it well. The reason that I chose this topic is that I love to use Skype, with my family since they are all over the country. More specifically, my children love to use this service. I never knew that there would be an option to be able to view more than one person at a time. Yes I knew that there must be business applications to do video conferencing, just not something that I had looked into before. The article states that the other applications that this is going to be running against would be Webex and LiveMeeting. It was rather vague on how the merge would take place with GoToMeeting. After fully reading the article, was supposedly written in The New York Times , yet after really looking through this I find that it was a blog spot for them. I do like the idea of video conference calling with the video chat aspect, so that you can have more than one family member able to be in on a conversation. I agreed with the information until I did some more research. This second article describes
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week6 discussion - ht...

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