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http://www.thestreet.com/story/11063683/1/acer-iconia-touchbook-dual-screen-tablet- provides-engaging-natural-way-to-interact-with-digital-data.html I chose to do my do my weekly article on the new Acer Iconia that is coming to market soon. If you have not heard about this, it is a dual screen tablet computer. At first I chose this topic because of the ‘geek’ factor, I personally thought it was really cool. Then I started thinking about it more. I do not own an IPad, for quite a few reasons, one being that I can’t seem to be able to justify the expense of one another would have to be that without a keyboard, I would be limited as to what I could do on a tablet. Maybe it is my age again that speaks volumes that I do not think that a tablet could replace a desktop or laptop for that matter so why would a dual screen tablet be able to do the same? The screens are made of Gorilla glass and are only 14”. I do not have personal experience with this topic, only to say that I do not own an IPad for
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week8 discussion board - ht

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