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chapter3 - Chapter Summary for Nutrition Concepts and...

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Chapter Summary for  Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies  11e Chapter 3 – The Remarkable Body The body’s cells need energy, oxygen, and nutrients, including water, to remain healthy and do their work. Genes direct the making of each cell’s machinery, including enzymes. Genes and nutrients interact in ways that affect health. Specialized cells are grouped together to form tissues and organs; organs work together in body systems. Blood and lymph deliver nutrients to all the body’s cells and carry waste materials away from them. Blood also delivers oxygen to cells. The cardiovascular system ensures that these fluids circulate properly among all organs. Glands secrete hormones that act as messengers to help regulate body processes. The nervous system joins the hormonal system to regulate body processes through communication among all the organs. Together, the hormonal and nervous systems respond to the need for food, govern the act of eating, regulate digestion, and call for the stress response.
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