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Diabetes - Diabetes has many facets to it Based on my...

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Diabetes has many facets to it. Based on my reading this week, diabetes has changed in many ways over the years. When my Father was diagnosed in 1980 with diabetes, things were so different, he was diagnosed in the hospital and had all of his ‘education’ done in the hospital by a woman that was matter of fact about what she had to say, he was not permitted to eat fruits, greatly limit his starch intake take, to do urine sticks and blood sticks multi-times daily, insulin injections that she taught us how to give to him, so he would be treated like a patient when he came home. The food plan to be more specific you had to eat a certain number of calories from each food group a day, sweets of any kind were out. Today when someone is diagnosed with Diabetes, you go to a clinic setting for your education ‘classes’. There are more classifications now, with Pre-Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes, (I would love to do a paper for you on this one.) 25.8 million people today have some type of diabetes, 18.8 diagnosed and 8.3% of the population has Diabetes as of 1/2011, it is the undiagnosed
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