chapter3posttest - 1. The case example of "Anna"...

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1. The case example of "Anna" illustrates the importance of __________. Your Answer: personality   Correct Answer: social contact     Social Experience: The Key to Our Humanity, p. 68   2. ____________ is defined as a person's fairly consistent patterns of acting, thinking, and feeling. Your Answer: Personality   3. John B. Watson's theory of behaviorism holds that _______________. Your Answer: behavior is learned rather than instinctive   4. In the Harlow studies with infant rhesus monkeys, as little as 6 weeks of isolation seriously and permanently disturbed  the monkeys' development.
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Your Answer: False 5. The Greek name for an aggressive drive which Freud called the "death instinct" is _____________. Your Answer: thanatos   6. According to Freud, a person learns to balance personal desires with the demands of society through the  ___________. Your Answer: ego   7. The studies of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget are based on _____________, or how people think and understand. Your Answer:
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chapter3posttest - 1. The case example of "Anna"...

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