MAE4500_HW1_FS2009 - bushing hole into which it fits Design...

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MAE 4500 Manufacturing Methods Assignment #1 Due September 15, 2009 REMEMBER:Make engineering quality sketches Identify all coordinates and curves Use brief, clearly worded explanatory sentences. Review Question 1. a. Define allowance, tolerance, and fit. b. Give examples where the following fits are used: RC5, LC3, LN2, FN3. c. Make a sketch to show a typical surface roughness one would obtain from a stylus instrument traversing perpendicular to the lay of a turned surface. (i) Indicate relative magnifications; (ii) Show the centerline; (iii) Show the roughness width; (iv) Show the waviness width and height; (v) Define R a , R q , and R t (in words or equations). Manufacturing Design Problem 1. A guide shaft and a bushing assembly (Figure 1) are to be used as a part of a device. Positioning accuracy is important for this application, but ease of assembly is also required. The shaft is to have a high accuracy location fit class with the reamed
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Unformatted text preview: bushing hole into which it fits. Design the assembly: a) Select an appropriate class of fit for this design. b) Make a sketch of the shaft and the bushing, and dimension them. c) Do an allowance analysis. Figure 1. Shaft Bushing 1.8 Manufacturing Design Problem 2. A 1.650 ″ turbine blade pin is to fit a slot in a turbine hub in order to precisely positioning it into a jet engine system. This requires assembly with a slight interference. A class 3 fit is prescribed. Draw the slot and the blade pin and dimension them. Make analysis of the allowances. Manufacturing Design Problem 3. Design a plug and snap gages to check the bushing and shaft diameters in Problem 1 assuming high production volume is required. Give detail drawings of the gages, indicate the type of material used and describe the surface roughness of the important surfaces. Use a CAD system in your design presentation....
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MAE4500_HW1_FS2009 - bushing hole into which it fits Design...

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