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Homework # 5 MAE 4500 Fall 2009 Due Date: Dec. 8 ___________________________________________________________________________________ _ Problem #1 A sheet-metal part used to be made by bending 1015 steel of 5mm thickness on a sharp edge (zero radius). The part needs to be strengthened and 1045 steel is to be used. Calculate (a) the die radius necessary to prevent necking and the radius required to prevent fracture and (b) the die angle to give a 90° bend. Problem # 2 A cylindrical container (a cooking pot) of 200-mm OD, 160-mm depth, 2-mm wall, and 5-mm bottom thickness is to be produced from 5052-H24 AL alloy.
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Assuming that the wall thickness of the container in the first draw is the same as the starting thickness, calculate the diameter of the starting blank and the blanking force. (b) Check whether the first draw container can be made in a single draw. If it cannot be, make sketches of the suggested process sequence. (c) Select the punch diameter for the first draw and calculate the drawing and the blank holder forces. (d) Suggest two methods of making the finished pots, illustrating with sketches, and calculate the force requirement....
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