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University of Missouri – Columbia Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing Methods MAE 4500 Fall 2009 Assignment # 3 (1) A part given in figure 1 is to be made by casting. The following materials are considered: Al-3%Si and Al-12%Si. a) Copy the Al-Si equilibrium diagram and identify all phase fields. b) Make two sketches showing the solidification of each of the above two alloys in cylindrical molds (type of crystals, solidification shrinkage). c) Make judgments on each material whether it will be: i. prone to alloying element segregation ii. suffer from microporosity iii. easy to feed iv. of high fluidity (Give your answers for each material in the above sequence; justify each answer in one sentence.) d) On the above basis, evaluate each material for its suitability for casting (2)
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Unformatted text preview: a) Redesign the part for casting; if machining is to be done on any surface, a 0.1 in allowance should be added. Make a properly dimensioned, full-scale drawing of the cast part (in actual production, you would also have to find permissible radii and tolerances; for the assignment, simply indicate where the radii would be needed). Mark the machined outline in broken lines. b) Now choose an appropriate casting process assuming 100 parts are made every month. Show in a drawing how the part will be oriented in the mold and where cores should be placed if needed. c) Make a sketch of the pattern needed to build the mold. Assume a shrinkage factor 3%. Figure 1 3.000 1.000 φ 2.000 ± 0.0030 φ 4.000 ± 0.0030 11.000 ± 0.0030 3.000 ± 0.0030 5.000 ± 0.0030 2.0000.0030 5.0000.0030...
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HW3castingFall09 - a Redesign the part for casting if...

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