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Design Project I MAE 3600 – Dynamic Systems and Control, Winter 2009 Due date: April 24, 2009 You are to design and analyze a dynamic system of your choice. Each two-person team will perform these basic steps: 1. Select a physical, dynamic system that you wish to analyze and design. 2. Set the appropriate performance criteria for your system (i.e., transient response characteristics, time to reach steady-state, steady-state tracking, damping requirements, etc). Basing your performance criteria on research or specifications published in the engineering literature is desirable. 3. Develop the modeling equations for your system by applying first principles (i.e., Newton’s 2 nd law, Kirchoff’s laws, etc), and detailed modeling techniques from the engineering literature (for example, some modeling equations may be based on experimental results, as reported in journal articles). 4. Gather the physical constants and parameters needed for your models; again, the engineering literature will be very useful here. 5. Construct a simulation using Matlab and/or Simulink. 6. Test your design and iterate on system parameters in order to meet your desired performance criteria and/or optimize a desired objective. 7.
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dsc_design_i_w09 - Design Project I MAE 3600 Dynamic...

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