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Syllabus – MAE 3600 Dynamic Systems and Control Winter 2009 Prof. Craig A. Kluever, Room E3414 Lafferre Hall, KlueverC@missouri.edu Text (recommended, not required): System Dynamics, K. Ogata (4th edition) Class meeting Topics Text Wed, Jan 21 Introduction to MAE 3600 and dynamic systems; course objectives Chapter 1 Fri, Jan 23 Mechanical elements; modeling mechanical systems 3.1-3.3 Mon, Jan 26 Modeling mechanical systems: examples 3.3 Wed, Jan 28 Work, energy, and power; mechanical energy; energy methods 3.4 Fri, Jan 30 Electrical elements; electric circuit fundamentals 6.1-6.2 Mon, Feb 2 Modeling electrical systems: examples 6.3 Wed, Feb 4 Electromechanical systems; dc motor model; op-amps 6.5-6.6 Fri, Feb 6 Modeling liquid-level and pneumatic systems; examples 7.1-7.3 Mon, Feb 9 Modeling hydraulic systems; hydraulic servo example 7.5 Wed, Feb 11 Modeling thermal systems; example 7.6 Fri, Feb 13 Laplace transform; theorems; inverse Laplace transforms 2.1-2.4 Mon, Feb 16 Solving ODEs using Laplace transform methods; examples 2.4-2.5 Wed, Feb 18 Transfer functions; block diagrams; system response using Simulink 4.1-4.2 Fri, Feb 20 Simulink: transfer functions and integrator blocks; examples Notes Mon, Feb 23 Partial fractions and transient response using Matlab 4.3-4.4 Wed, Feb 25 State-space representation (SSR); examples 5.1 Fri, Feb 27 SSR examples; transient response via SSR with Matlab; eigenvalues 5.1, 5.2, 5.5 Mon, March 2 MID-TERM EXAM Wed, March 4 Natural/forced responses; transient/steady-state responses; DC gain 8.1 Fri, March 6 Transient-response analysis of first-order systems; example 8.2 Mon, March 9 Transient-response analysis of second-order systems; root locations 8.3 Wed, March 11 Determining damping ratio; 2 nd -order system response characteristics
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This note was uploaded on 06/29/2011 for the course MAE 3600 taught by Professor Pai during the Spring '09 term at Missouri (Mizzou).

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dsc_w09 - Syllabus MAE 3600 Dynamic Systems and Control...

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