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Staffing Chapter 10 - Staffing Chapter 10 Special Issues in...

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Staffing Chapter 10 Special Issues in Training and Employee Development Introduction - Trainers and managers who purchase training must be aware of how legal issues relate to training practices, cross cultural preparation, diversity training, school to work and hardcore unemployed training programs Training Issues Resulting from External Environment Legal Issues - Failing to provide training or providing inadequate training – companies are required to show that employees have completed training and are applying it on the job. o Most companies provide training to reduce hostile work environment for employees protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or the Americans with Disabilities Act. o Employers must also train employees to comply with practices designed to prevent harassment of any class protected by Title VII o Due to corporate scandals, compliance examiners are more rigorously reviewing quality of training by evaluating whether employees understand how regulations apply to their jobs. So companies are using training methods that enhance learning and transfer of training. - Incurring Employee Injury during Training Activity – training and simulations can use work tools and equipment that could cause injury so workers compensation laws make employers responsible for paying employees their salary and giving them financial settlement for injuries on the job. o Managers should ensure 1. Employees are warned of potential dangers of incorrectly using equipment 2. Safety equipment is used - Incurring injuries to employees or others Outside a Training Session – managers should ensure that trainees have necessary level of knowledge, skills, and behaviors to operate equipment or interact with customers. o Company is liable for injuries resulting from actions of poorly, incorrectly, or incompletely trained employees. o If company contracts with vendor to buy training, it should also buy liability insurance
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- Incurring Breach of Confidentiality or Defamation – before discussing employee information with other employees or for using in promotion purposes or salary decisions, managers should tell employees that training performance will be used o Ensure employee information on file is accurate regarding performance - Reproducing and using Copyrighted Material in training Classes without permission – Copyrights – protect expression of idea but not the ideas that the material contains, also prohibit others from creating a product based on the original work and from copying, broadcasting, or publishing the product without permission o Many websites are protected with fair use doctrine – you can use small amounts of copyrighted material without asking permission, paying a fee as long as the use meets 4 standards. The standards must relate to: Purpose for which copyrighted material are being used What the copyrighted work is Proportion of copyrighted material you are using How much money copyright owner can lose as a result of use. o
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Staffing Chapter 10 - Staffing Chapter 10 Special Issues in...

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