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Staffing Notes3152011

Staffing Notes3152011 - Staffing Notes Training planned...

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Staffing Notes – 3/15/11 Training – planned effort by company to facilitate the learning of job related competencies by its employees - GOAL is not just to have them learn what your teach them, but also to TRANSFER that knowledge back to the job - If they don’t transfer knowledge it is a waste of money - Companies are trying to increase and improve intellectual capital by teaching them technology and business sense of what is going on in organization – people are hungry for this. - High leverage training – they developed perspective on intellectual capital through high leverage training. When you design training you can link it back to how it will accomplish goals of business Forces influencing working and learning - Globalization – if we take our organization and try to replicate it another country, there is totally different culture and values. Ie: change architecture to appreciate in other countries o Local considerations o Cross cultural training – if you move employees overseas, must train them in culture, food, values, metro system. Then you have to retrain them when they come back to
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