Organization Behavior2-1-11Notes

Organization Behavior2-1-11Notes - Organization Behavior...

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Unformatted text preview: Organization Behavior Notes 2-1-11- American Management Association 3 days to improve basic management skills- The rational starting point is where am I going for every project, you must know what your trying to accomplish or prove.- The first sentence in executive summary or mission starts out with the purpose of this project is (it lays out the general direction that your project is going in) - Cobb and team are stakeholders in project. o Stakeholders can include anyone who has an outcome of project.- The end user in project 1 is US.- Our mission is to become a high performance work team.- Project objectives are specific outcomes that must be reached to achieve the mission. o They lay out the performance objectives of the project- If you get an A then your reached a performance objective and functioning at a high level o Performance objectives come from the mission statement. - Project Objectives o Measure mission success o Give guidance to develop project deliverables o Provide another step in stakeholder agreement and commitment- Project Objectives need to be smart o Specific o Measurable o Actionable o Realistic o Time Limited - High performance goals get you better performance than low and vague performance goals o They need to be time limited. - Deliverables are products and services that you produce so you can achieve your goals o Core deliverables - to deliver to your client. IE: Report and AAR o Support client products and services the project needs to deliver to support itself. IE: Evaluation - Project Deliverables: Where do they come from? o Conceived to achieve project objectives o In consultation with all significant stake holders o Careful attention to timelines- Project deliverables: functions they serve o Specify the concrete products and services the project is to produce...
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Organization Behavior2-1-11Notes - Organization Behavior...

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