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Motivation - Motivation Int roduction William James...

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Motivation 2/17/11 Introduction – William James Research - One of the first industrial psychologists – did study taking workers away from job and bringing them to an office and see how fast they can produce in a given amount of time - Figured what best performers produced and what the average was - Of 100% of their ability an average worker produced 30% - Top performers produced at 80 -90% of their abilities - Motivation goal is to move people from lower performance level to higher performance level – pursuing this goal for over 50 years - How performance is tied personal outcomes and to the extent people get satisfaction What is Motivation - Indicator is how much effort the person is putting in - Persistence – in the face of set backs do they keep working hard, effort, and direction – are they doing what they should be doing - “those psychological processes that cause the arousal, direction, and persistence of voluntary actions that are goal directed o the persistent exertion of effort toward a particular objective Performance model - performance: the production of intended effects - what do you intend? - Has 2 components o Quantity and quality – tend to be measured more easily than other things
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- If you don’t lay out these characteristics from your team, don’t expect to get them. Performance Model” personal outcomes - Personal outcomes: what people receive as a result of their performance (high or low)?
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