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#oilproj.mod - From "Recitation 3: Modeling Practice in AMPL" set REGIONS; # regions from which crude oil is bought set INTER; # intermediate ingrdients used set PRODWITHINTER; # final products made with intermediate ingredients set PRODWITHOUTINTER; # final products made without intermediate ingredients set PROD := PRODWITHINTER union PRODWITHOUTINTER; # final products s param selling_price{PROD} >=0; #selling price of end products param crude_cost{REGIONS} >=0; # cost of crude oil from each region param crude_availability{REGIONS} >=0; # availabiility of crude oil from each region param inters_made{INTER,REGIONS} >=0; # amount of each intermediate made from each
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Unformatted text preview: barrel of crude oil param prod_no_inter_made{PRODWITHOUTINTER,REGIONS} >=0; # amount of each product requiring no intermediates made from each barrel of crude param octane_ratings{INTER}>=0; # octane rating of each intermediate compound param min_octane{PRODWITHINTER}>=0; # min octane rating for each product made from intermediates param pressure_ratings{INTER}>=0; #pressure ratings for intermediates param max_pressure{PRODWITHINTER}>=0; # max pressure for each product made from intermediates i # Decision Variables # # Objective function # # Constraints #...
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