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set MODELS; #models the manufactureer can produce param machine_service >= 0; param worker_hours_avail >= 0; param profit {i in MODELS} >=0; param machine_time {i in MODELS} >=0; param worker_hours {i in MODELS} >=0; param skilled_hours {i in MODELS} >= 0; param skilled_hours_avail >= 0; p #Decision variables: var CarsProduced {i in MODELS} >=0; v #Objective function maximize Profit: sum {i in MODELS} profit[i]*CarsProduced[i];
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Unformatted text preview: m #Constraints: subject to Machine_limit: sum{i in MODELS} machine_time[i]*CarsProduced[i] <= machine_service; subject to Worker_availability: sum {i in MODELS} worker_hours[i] * CarsProduced[i] <= worker_hours_avail; subject to skilled_hours_availability: sum {i in MODELS} skilled_hours[i] * CarsProduced[i] <= skilled_hours_avail;...
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