Initech - maximize Skills sum{i in EMP_TYP Skill_Set[i*EmpHired[i m#Constraints subject to Budeget_availability sum{i in EMP_TYP

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set EMP_TYP; #employee types param Budget_avail >= 0; #available budget param Salary_avail >= 0; #available salaries param Office_avail>= 0; #available office space param Skill_Set {i in EMP_TYP} >=0; param Budget {i in EMP_TYP} >=0; param Salary {i in EMP_TYP} >=0; param Office {i in EMP_TYP} >= 0; p #Decision variables var EmpHired {i in EMP_TYP} >=0; v #Objective function
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Unformatted text preview: maximize Skills: sum {i in EMP_TYP} Skill_Set[i]*EmpHired[i]; m #Constraints: subject to Budeget_availability: sum{i in EMP_TYP} Budget[i]*EmpHired[i] <= Budget_avail; subject to Salary_availability: sum {i in EMP_TYP} Salary[i]*EmpHired[i] <= Salary_avail; subject to Office_availability: sum {i in EMP_TYP} Office[i]*EmpHired[i] <= Office_avail;...
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