Phychology Week 6 Assignment

Phychology Week 6 Assignment - The article I chose was The...

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Unformatted text preview: The article I chose was The Acceptance Model of Intuitive Eating: A Comparison of Women in Emerging Adulthood, Early Adulthood, and Middle Adulthood. Over the past three years I have managed to lose 190 pounds. At my biggest I weighed 410 pounds; my self-esteem was terrible and I absolutely hated myself in every imaginable way. Weight has always been a sensitive subject with me. I understand that this article focuses on women, but I felt that there were still areas I could apply to my life. My mother has always maintained a healthy weight; she is getting ready to turn fifty-four years old. Lately, she has dealing with some issues regarding her weight and appearance. She has even been thinking about having cosmetic surgery on her lower abdomen, and she is even considering a facelift. I am completely opposed to this because I believe she is perfect the way she is. The potential risks involved with plastic surgery are too great for someone in her position. Currently she weighs 145 pounds and has managed to age very too great for someone in her position....
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