Psychology Week 7 Assignment

Psychology Week 7 Assignment - I thought the test results...

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I thought the test results were very accurate. The test stated that the average score was 100; my final score was 115. As you can imagine, I was delighted to receive such confidence inspiring results. The biggest reason I agree with the results is because I never have trouble maintaining an above average performance at work and with my education. My score may have been higher if I did not get so anxious while taking tests. I always seem to do better with written evaluation than I do with multiple choice questions. The lack of expression overwhelms me, and causes me to second guess myself. I understand that the test was not a graded assignment, but my stress level still ran high. I had a feeling this would happen because I noticed the pattern at the end of my first block of classes with University of Phoenix. I really liked how the test broke the different intelligence scores down into sub-categories. As expected I did not do very well with mathematics, but my verbal and logic skill ranked very high. The pattern recognition category
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