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Unformatted text preview: Ftqx h v w ts 4xhcd& Cqd` d stwËÌdvds `vƒtxÌ ts Gghv tsqƒ rd`sw`v` vt w t v v ct w hv qx h s fxhcdet̃tx wt`svdÌ wgdËÌtaqdr ts ƒtxÌ ts 6Ìdbtrrdsc cthsfwgh hwg`sƒ v btswds ƒtx axƒ tsqhsdgdwgdÌeÌtr rd tÌ eÌtr vtrdtsddq  w vd w wgdadfhss tewgduxdv h s hsf w t `sc `svdÌËtÌ h s wgd`ssx` v tbpgt Ì w w t te qw qcd v rddw te8drËdÌ0tÌËtÌ` h sv tbpgt Ì hsf wt  w qcd @hpd 8d́hs `vp P g ƒ chc v r`s`fdrds vd q gtqc v H@ P 0trË`sƒ `w qt v w qwgd hsf hs ` v gds wg v h btrË`sƒ g`v addsyd̃ ËÌte w a d h ` qcxÌhsfwgdËdÌhtch v w bp w v t `v gdqcaƒ 8drËd̨ FhsbdËÌdv hcds Gtsƒ 0g`yd„ g`v vbtsbqxcdcgh vËddbgts wgdÌdbds vxbbd v w ix w v w v `sc aÌhfg ex Ì te8drËdÌgd hv w wx d w`pds`a`bpaƒ wg v h uxdv h s w t `sc ÌdvËtsc  ÌdrdradÌ v6  d Ë`hc£ i i i wg` v tbp i  i etÌ w w vtrd ƒd`Ìv `ft`sc 6`r vxÌd d vt wg` v tbp qc w w `w ` rxbg ghfgdÌ ËÌhbd Rtx rxv ad rhv ` ds  w wp  8d́hs Ìd t w  dqqÌhfg gdÌdhsett w Ì vP w wst d w sxradÌ# wtwgd`ssx` ÌdËtÌ h vgtv q ww wg`  i i vg` v` i¤ hs d d w H@ P dÌd vt ts wgdq` w w ii Ìd  w Ì vhs qc vc`ƒ tewgdƒd`Ì  qvth v ` dwg` H@ P d`Ìsdc£!  i wg v w w wv w i i i h ƒd`Ì`sc Ë`hctxw £"i i hsb`vg ii chyhcdscv 3xÌ g Ì` vxrr`̃ v ` drds hschb` d wg` hsË`v ƒd`Ìv  wd ww w wv w w ghqd8drËdÌ gdqcH@ P v tbp w H@ P d`Ìsdc£ i i i   i `sc Ë`hctxw £ i i i chyhcdscv  i hs  3hs` qƒwgdhsbtrd v ` drds etÌwg v q ww w h ƒd`Ìvgtv ` qt v wgdv` d H@ P v tbp v ts q te w te £$i i  6ctxa wg` 6`r rhv ` ds i iFt w w wp  Edc e`bdcËÌdv hcds 0g`yd„ wx s wtƒtx w Ìv Instructions v`u P g`wctq ` `rtxs chc8drËdÌÌdbdhyd qÌ w xËtswgdv` d wgdH@ P v tbp¨ q te w Cqd` d v d‚Ëq`hs vau 2 ‚Ëq`hs ƒ atwg w g v tbpgt Ì qcd 8d́hs `sc ËÌdv hcds 0g`yd„ `ÌdbtÌÌdb  w w `uGgd ctq ` `rtxswÌdbd ydcxËts wgdv` d wgdH@ P 0trË`sƒ v t `v £  "$ i iFhsbd qÌ h q te w bp   i 8drËdÌ 0tÌËtÌ` h sg`v` i¤ hs d d w H@ P wgdduxh rdwgtc vgtx ad xvdc w ÌdËtÌ wt w Ì v hs wƒ qc t w chy hcdsc `sc sdwhsbtrd  Ìdbts w x w t te wgd btÌÌdb dswÌ d b`s ad ËÌdË`Ìdc etÌ wgd v  v Ì bhs w hv `buxh h h s wgdduxh rdwgtc wÌ wrds techy vwt  wƒ d` w hcdscv`sc Ìdydsxd`sc wgdv` d Ëqxfe fx q h Ìd etÌb` hq a` vg q q`sbdwgddsw etÌwgdv` dGgdvdds Ì d `ÌdËÌty ̃ q w hv hcdcadqt au )twg wgd v t w bpgt qcdÌ`sc wgd ËÌdv hcds `Ìd btÌÌdb  w w Fhsbd wgd duxh rdwgtc `cixv v wƒ w wgd hsydv wrds `bbtxsw w etÌwgdd`Ìshsf tewgdhsydv d  v w dwgdyd̃ ËÌteh ` q H @ P hsyd wrds wad v w a`q`sbdg`vhsbÌd` vdccxÌhsfwgdËdÌhtcwgdv tbp`v gdqc Ggd v tbp`v vt `wqd v w  w qc v wg`s h vbxÌÌdswhsydv w wrds a`q`sbd `sc wgxv` qt v`v Ìdbtfsh„dc FwtbpgtqcdÌ 8d́hs hv w v  btÌÌdb hs q`ad h wgh ` yd̃ ËÌteh ` q btrË`sƒ `sc hs stw w q sf v wad hsfwg` ` qt v w v `v Ìdbtfsh„dc ts h v qd w v`  CÌdv hcds 0g`yd„ hvbtÌÌdb hs wg` wgd hsydv w w w wrds `v vt `w ` ghfgdÌ ehfxÌdwg`s wgd w qc £ i  i ËxÌbg` d  ii i v ËÌhbd Ggd pdƒ wtwgdch  qdrr` h wtstwdwg` wgdvd q s ËÌhbd`v qd v v w qh f v wg`s wgd b`Ì̃hsf `rtxsw te wgd hsyd wrds Ggd b`Ì̃hsf `rtxsw g`v hsbÌd` dc cxd wt wgd v w v Ìdbtfs w t teH@ P hsbtrd cxÌhsfwgdw hhs hrdwgdv tbp`v gdqc w  2swÌhd etÌwgdhsydv v wrds hsH @ P 0trË`sƒ& w buxhv w t hhs Fwtbp6sydv wrds v  w i  i ii i 0`vg  i  i ii i CÌdyhtx Rd`Ìv 2uxhwƒ @dwgtc v Fwtbp6sydv wrds v  w   #i i i Edydsxd eÌtr 6sydv wrds hsH @ P w    0trË`sƒ v£  i i i i¤u   i Q   #i i i 0`vg     i ii Fwtbp6sydv wrds v w v£    i ii i i i i¤u  iQ Gghv Rd`Ì 2 uxhwƒ @dwgtc Fwtbp6sydv wrds v  w   !"i i i Edydsxd eÌtr 6sydv wrds hsH @ P w    0trË`sƒ v£! i i i i¤u   iQ   !"i i i 0`vg      $ii i Fwtbp6sydv wrds v  i i i i¤u w v£ "  i Q     $ii  i F`qdtewgdH @ P 0trË`sƒ Fwtbp 0`vgv0`vghv Ëqxf  `  u  "$i i i 9tvv F`qdte6sydv ts wrds v w   $ii i i Fwtbp6sydv wrds v  w £  i i i v£# i  £!" i u v£   i  £ $i i  i  i ii ii  i i iu " $i i i ...
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This note was uploaded on 06/20/2011 for the course ACCT 101 taught by Professor Joannes during the Spring '11 term at Aarhus Universitet.

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